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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Human trafficking in Nigeria

Human trafficking in Nigeria. Nigeria as a country has been facing this menace of human trafficking for a very long time despite the fact that we are in 21st century. Human trafficking process involves the "recruit, transfer, the harbour of other people against their will by the use of force, blackmail ,deception and other form of malicious means. It involves three element: The act, the means,and the purpose. Causes of human trafficking * Greed- Most people are greedy and not satisfied with what they have ,they have the syndrome of wanting to get rich quickly without doing legit jobs ,this makes them to fall into the hands of bad people who traffick them. *Unemployment- The rate of unemployment in Nigeria is high as most educated graduate who are willing to work ,can't find work ,this make people to try in leaving the country to find greener pastures ,thereby making them to fall prey of traffickers. * War- Armed conflict can lead to high number of displaced persons. war increases the possibility of orphans and street children being trafficked ,most of whose parents have passed away or are fighting war. * Demand for cheap labour- The demand for cheap labour is one of the major causes of human trafficking in Nigeria ,the service industry like restaurant, are common exploiters of human trafficking, in most cases,the employees are promised a safe work place and a fat salary only to be paid less and uses over time because they can rarely protect themselves. *Poverty- those who can not afford to eat 3 times daily are easy prey to trafficking b,they can even sell themselves in order to have at least some food to eat and roof to put their heads in most cases traffickers deceive parents to give up their kids with the belief that the kids would have better life not knowing the traffickers are using them as slaves. Reasons why people are being trafficked in Nigeria * Labour exploitation - the victims are made to work in hazardous working environment. * Domestic work- children below 18 are used in performing house chores ,some of which are beyond their capacity and in some cases their madam beat them and leave bruises on their body. * Organ harvesting- There is high demand for organs like kidney are being removed abs the victims may die in the process. * Sexual exploitation- women are lured to countries like Italy ,Spain to do prostitution against their own will. Solutions to human trafficking *Investment in education- Government should invest in education and introduce topics to give the students knowledge on human trafficking, as this will make them less vulnerable to trafficking. * Rural orientation- Governmen and non governmental agencies should focus their sensitization programme in rural areas where thre are more vulnerable groups. * Government should provide jobs for its citizens as most people are being trafficked due to unemployment and poverty. * Skill acquisition centers should be established to train people on skills and free interest loans should also be provided.

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