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Monday, 2 April 2018


HOW TO MAKE SHAMPOO JUST LIKE THE POPULAR BRAND YOU BUY Going into shampoo making business is a very profitable one ,as ladies can't do without using shampoo on their hair.You can start making it From the comfort of your home and start supplying salons and super markets. Shampoo is an hair care products used by most Nigerian women in removing dirt from their hair, it is mostly used along side with hair conditioner.Although ,there are different brands of shampoos in the market, some of them are actually bad and can cause damage to your hair leading to hair breakage, your ability to make good quality shampoo will stand you out among the various brands of shampoo flooding the Nigeria market. One beautiful thing about shampoo business is that you will surely make me double of your capital, once you package it well and produce a good quality one, your customers won't want to try other brands but yours. Let's look at the materials needed for making shampoo : 1. Nitrosol 1/8kg 2.SLS 1/4kg 3.Soda ash 1/4kg 4.sulphuric acid 1/2liter 5.Texapor. 1/4kg 6.Propyl Glycol or Methyl Propyl 1/4liter 7.Glycerin 1/2liters 8.Colour(any) to your taste. 9.Fragrance. to your taste. Procedure 1.Add 1/8kg of Nitrosol in 15 Liter of water to dissolve completely and stir very well. 2.Add 1/4Kg of SLS in 2 liters of water separately and add to step 1,then stir. 3. Dissolve 1/4kg of soda ash in 2 liters separately and add to 1 again, then stir. 4.Add sulphuric acid and texapor one after the other then stir very well until you have a smooth blend. 5.Add glycerin and promptly glycol 6.Add color of your choice but you have to mix in a small quantity of water. 7. Then add any fragrance that you so desired. Note:if you desire expert to put you through on the right measurements to use if you are producing large quantity or you need someone to put you through where to get materials near where you stay, whatsapp 09053558817,service charge of 500naira applies 8. Mix all together, then leave for 20 minutes before packaging it......


  1. Nigerian women make their own. The ingredients sounds complicated to me. And shampoo being $1.00 us. I can’t see a profit here where I live. But it’s a profit business in Nigeria. That amazing to me. For I take shampoo for granted here.

  2. Very useful information shared by you. Keep it up.


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