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Sunday, 7 January 2018

How to make liquid soap

Liquid soap production is very easy to make once you follow step by step procedures in it. Its a business you can start with as low as 5,000 naira and make double gains. You don't need to own a factory before you can start, you can start at the little corner of your house. The ability to make good quality liquid soap that foams well and saint nice is what differentiates your liquid soap from others. Your liquid soap should not be too thick or too watery, so as to make your customer stay with your brand.

Materials and equipment needed for liquid soap production

1.plastic bowl or mixer




5.Graduated cylinder

Materials needed are as follows :


2.sodium chloride (2kg)

3.soda ash (5liters)

4.sulphuric acid (5 liters)





Method of production

1.clean your big bowl or mixer turn in 10 liters of water and soak sodium chloride and soda ash together. Allow for 24 hours for best result.

2.use five liters of water and soak 5kg of thickner also 24hours

3. Filter the three items above and mix all together and start stirring

4. Add 5 litres of sulphuric acid into the mixture and continue stirring

5. Add preservatives, colourant and perfume, continue stirring

6.package into your desired bottle.

,if you need an expert help in getting the right measurements to use when making larger quantity than the one posted above or you don't know where to get materials in your state, whatsapp 09053558817, putting you through cost only 500 naira.....

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